Jamal Adams says coming onto the field for his first...

Jamal Adams says coming onto the field for his first NFL game will be an unbelievable experience. Credit: James Escher

The Jets took Jamal Adams with the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft in April, and even though he was slowed by an ankle sprain in camp, coaches are eagerly awaiting the impact the 21-year-old safety will make this season. At LSU last season he was All-SEC and second-team All-American.

Adams discussed his first few months as a Jet with Newsday.

What do you think will be going through your head when you run out of the tunnel at Buffalo [Sunday] for your first NFL game?

Adams: “I think it’s going to be an unbelievable experience running out there for the first NFL game. I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’s going to be a lot of energy, a lot of passion that’s going to be going into this game. We just want to hopefully go out there and get the first W.’’

What’s it like going through this transition as rookies together with [second-round safety] Marcus Maye?

A: “It’s an unbelievable experience, a wonderful opportunity for us to get out there and get to start at a very young age and take a lot of ups and downs. We’re looking forward to that opportunity.’’

Your dad (former Giants running back George Adams) didn’t want you to be a running back. How did you react to that?

A: “When I was young, I played running back. But when I got to college, he didn’t want me to play running back. He wanted me to focus on the defensive side of the ball. So it was God’s calling. I’m looking forward to continue to play safety and make as many plays as possible.’’

What advice did your dad give you about playing in this market and being a pro?

A: “Just know that you go out there and you have one little mistake, it’s going to be talked about. But at the same time, just continue to do what you do and continue to be yourself on the field.’’

As a young player coming in, everyone talks about your leadership ability in college. How easy or hard is it to come into this situation as a young man and be a leader right away?

“I would say nothing in life is easy. But I would say that it’s an easy transition for me to come in and just continue to be myself and not try to do something else. I’m very vocal. I’ve always been vocal. I’m just going to continue my tradition.’’

What interests do you have outside of football?

A: “I’m really a family man. I love to relax, watch movies. I love music. I love to just chill. I’m really into my fashion as far as clothing-wise. So I’m always trying to look for different things to help the style.’’

Do you have big-picture goals for your career? Pro Bowls? Super Bowls?

A: “I try to live in each and every day. I try not to look to the future. As long as I do the right things, great things can come. I don’t like to put myself on a pedestal as far as naming where I want to be in a few years. I’m just going to continue to do the little things right. Hopefully, everything falls in line.’’

Do you think this year, as you’re learning at a new level, that there will be any growing pains for you?

A: “Oh, of course. There’s always going to be growing pains, especially at a young age. I’m 21. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to start. So there’s definitely going to be bumps and bruises. But I’m looking forward to the opportunity.’’

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