Victoria Vera, who had a 168 in Game 1 for Bethpage,...

Victoria Vera, who had a 168 in Game 1 for Bethpage, said she pictures when "I follow through like I would in softball when I throw or hit." Credit: James Escher

Victoria Vera says the Bethpage girls bowling team features a number of players who participate for the fun of it in between the other sports they play. On Thursday afternoon, they had some additional fun in earning their first win of the season.

"It’s good to win because a lot of us aren’t really bowlers," said the senior, who led Bethpage to a 9.5-1.5 Nassau III victory over Farmingdale at Farmingdale Lanes. "A lot of us play other sports and bowl for fun, so it feels good to go out and get a win."

Vera finished with a total wood of 439, including a 168 in Game 1. Bethpage (1-1) outscored Farmingdale (0-2) in total wood, 1,477-1,380.

"Sometimes when I go I tend to tug it a little to the left or right," Vera said. "But sometimes I’ll just get it right down the middle and hit that good spot and get a strike. And I was hitting a lot of my spares today."

She said her primary focuses are softball and soccer, and that playing shortstop certainly helps strengthen her bowling game.

"When I play softball it’s good to have the power also," Vera said. "As my coach always tells me, you just have to envision the ball going down the lane like in any other sport. And I follow through like I would in softball when I throw or hit."

Meagan Landers, who also plays lacrosse and soccer, finished second for Bethpage with a 126 in Game 1 and total wood of 362.

"Bowling is different in the fact that although it is still a team sport, you’re by yourself up there," Landers said. "So it’s focusing more on yourself, while in the other sports you’re focusing on your other teammates as well."

"They’ve been bowling really well," Bethpage coach Rob Fisher said. "They’ve improved a lot over the last couple of years…I’m just proud that they’re working hard and having fun."

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