Sayville hosted Westhampton on the turf field on Oct. 1,...

Sayville hosted Westhampton on the turf field on Oct. 1, 2021. Credit: George A Faella

Mike in Nesconset made the first call into WFAN’s morning show about the Sayville-East Islip football game. That led to a friendly wager between the two hosts, Boomer Esiason, an East Islip alum and Gregg Giannotti, a Sayville resident.

Dale in Shoreham followed a few minutes later to mention that Sayville is hosting the game on their grass field at the high school for homecoming, rather than playing on the newer turf field where they usually play.

"Oh, they’re trying to slow down East Islip," Esiason said. "I see what’s going on here. It’s gamesmanship."

Both teams are 5-0, with East Islip averaging 43 points per game and Sayville averaging 34. Sayville traditionally plays its homecoming game on the grass field at the school.

"I’m surprised a game of this magnitude would be played on that grass field — which is not in great shape," East Islip coach Sal J. Ciampi said in Friday's Newsday story previewing the game. "They have a beautiful turf field in Sayville. We’re all used to playing on turf — every game the past few years has been played on turf. We have the appropriate footwear for turf. And now we’re asking our players to play on a different surface, and that’s a safety issue because footwear is so important. You don’t wear turf shoes on grass, you need cleats. To ask our kids to go out and purchase hundred-dollar cleats for two hours of football is ridiculous."

When the WFAN caller mentioned Ciampi’s quote in Friday’s Newsday about needing to get cleats instead of using the turf shoes their players already have, Esiason said on the air he’d help out.

"Ah, no problem, we’ll get them grass shoes," Esiason said. "Whatever Sal needs, Sal can get. We can get it for him. Just call Richie. We got it down. We got it on lock down.

"Sal hasn’t called me to complain about it. If he needs shoes, all he has to do is call Richie. You’ll get shoes. You’ll get UnderArmour shoes tomorrow."

Giannotti then jumped in to oppose such a delivery, saying his radio partner shouldn’t get involved after agreeing to their dinner wager earlier.

"This seems like a little gamesmanship on the part of Sayville," Esiason said.

"But it’s a homecoming game," Giannotti responded.

"Well, it wouldn’t surprise me though. That’s the way you guys are," Esiason said.

"The way we are?" Giannotti said.

"Then again, we’re not making any excuses," Esiason said. "No excuses. I’ll send them shoes and let’s go, let’s play."

"You send them shoes," Giannotti responded, "I’m buying them shoulder pads."

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