High school athletes across Long Island wrote heartfelt messages to the moms who made it all happen.

Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

To: Linda Leake

From: Jared Leake, Huntington lacrosse, and Lawrence Leake, Huntington track

Dear Mom:

We definitely can't say it enough, but we thank you Mom for everything you do and everything you've done for us. We wouldn't be the athletes or the people we are today had it not been for your love and your carefree spirit. You've gone out of your way so many times to ensure our happiness in life. We are grateful and blessed for having you as our mom. You and Dad made sure we stayed busy growing up. You sacrificed and bought us the best sporting equipment around for our athletic practices and games. Not only that, you made sure we were at our practices on time and ready for play. We thank you because you have not only been a great Mom to us, but also to a lot of our classmates as well. You give other children rides home to and from practice when their parents are unavailable to do so. When we eat, you always make sure that the other kids eat too. We thank you for the extra love and care you put in our lunch bags every morning.

You have that everlasting love that only a mom can give. Without that love and support, we wouldn't be nearly as successful as we are today. You always take us places no matter where it is. You are always there to cheer us on and wish us luck. And when you can't be there, Mom, you never fail to give us some encouraging words before we leave your presence. In life things sometimes doesn't go our way. Mom, you were right there to encourage us and to tell us that things are going to be alright. We love you so much Mom and words alone can't describe just how much we love and adore you. You complete our world. This Mother's Day, we hope to make it a great one! You are always there to make our lives easier, the least we can do is to make sure that this day is easy for you. God knows we love you and appreciate you Mom and you will forever be in our hearts.


Your Twin Boys,

Jared and Lawrence

Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

To: Sue Sliwak

From: Nikki Sliwak, Wantagh lacrosse; Ryan Sliwak, Wantagh baseball, and Kyle Sliwak, Wantagh baseball

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day! Today is about you and only you. Fifteen years ago, on September 11th our lives were changed forever. Dad was taken away from our picture perfect family and you were left to fend for yourself in this cruel world. You had to raise 3 children all by yourself. To say you took on a hard task is an understatement. Now that we are all older, we fully understand just how incredibly you tackled that role. Your strength and admiration inspires us, and everyone around you, everyday. Your sense of humor has keep things light when life gets too serious. You always find a way to make us smile. Your beauty shines bright on the outside, as well as the inside. Thank you for giving us never ending love and protection from every aspect of life. Thank you for pushing us to always be better, teaching us there is always a way to grow. You have made the three of us want to be exceptional. Taking on the role of a mother and father is one of the hardest things to do, yet you do it better then most parents together.

Thank you for being at every single game of ours and for being our number one fans, but most importantly our biggest critic at the same time. Always finding things we can do better to improve as a player. Yes we know if we ever get hurt Advil and ice will cure any injury! You truly are the best person to ask for advice, or give it with out us even asking. Although we hate to admit it, you are almost always right. You always make us feel better no matter what the situation is. Your perspective on life is one we can only strive for. We can also only hope to be as wise as you one day.

Although we may not show it on a daily basis, we appreciate you and everything you do for us. Mom you go above and beyond for us and we could not thank you enough. If we could be half the parent as you when we are older, we did something right. Dad is sitting on that cloud watching over proudly of the job you have done. We love you to no end!

Love always,

Nikki, Ryan, Kyle

Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

To: Kim McGinley

From: Taryn McGinley, Kings Park softball

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being the best mother and coach a girl could ask for. Without you I wouldn't be the player or person I am proud to be today. You're my biggest supporter and at the same time my biggest critic. You always told me what I was doing wrong as a player and told me exactly how to fix it. Without you being on the field, pushing me to be the best I could be, who knows where I would be today.

Not only do you inspire me on the field but you also do off the field. To me mom, you're like superwomen. You teach all day, coach three different sports and still have the time to keep the house incredibly clean. Not even kidding, I could eat off the floor.

I only hope that one day I can become half the woman you are! Thank you for all you do for all of us, we would be lost without you! Happy Mothers Day, Mom, I hope it's the best one yet! I love you more then you can imagine.

Love always, Taryn

Credit: Barry Sloan

To: Debra Klasko-Diaz

From: Antonio Diaz, Freeport baseball

Dear Mom,

I have to thank you for so much. You make it important to support myself and my team and you've been to almost every game we've played over the last four years since I started playing varsity baseball in the 9th grade. I've seen you there for me through it all -- all the wins, the losses, rain, snow, or sunshine, either wearing a heavy jacket, with an umbrella, or even in your car. You were always there for me; home and away. I also appreciate and love the fact that you support me not only in baseball, but in all aspects of life, from school to work. Thank you Mom; I love you and I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

Your Son,


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