Adam Fox of the Rangers celebrates his goal against the Devils at...

Adam Fox of the Rangers celebrates his goal against the Devils at Prudential Center on November 30, 2019. Credit: Getty Images/Elsa

Like countless other people, Rangers defenseman Adam Fox is watching a lot of television and playing a ton of video games these days.

With the NHL season on pause since March 12 because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Jericho native is back on Long Island, riding out the current stay-at-home order by crashing with a buddy who has a set of weights in his basement.

“I’ve been working out there and playing some basketball in the driveway and not much more than that,’’ Fox said in a telephone interview this week. “A lot of TV shows, too.’’

Fox was enjoying a fabulous rookie year when the NHL hit the brakes on the season. He was tied for fourth in rookie scoring with 42 points (eight goals, 34 assists) and was tops in plus/minus (plus-22). He was one of four Rangers to play in each of the team’s 70 games and had partnered with longtime friend and fellow 22-year-old rookie Ryan Lindgren to become the Rangers’ most reliable defense pair.

Now he’s like everyone else, trying to find ways to keep himself busy.

When the season paused, he took a week off to rest, then got back to working out. He was able to play golf a few weeks back, but that no longer is an option, so now his days are pretty uneventful. He works out in the mornings, maybe gets outside for some fresh air if the weather allows, and sees his parents and brother occasionally.

Otherwise, he’s channel surfing. He’s been watching a lot of the web-TV detective series “Bosch’’ and playing Xbox.

“I’ve seen a lot more guys on the Xbox than maybe during the year,’’ he said.

Fox has been in touch with his Rangers teammates via group chat and the occasional individual text, call or FaceTime, and he got a call from coach David Quinn the other day. Quinn checked up on how he’s doing and urged him to stay in shape.

Fox is grateful that his family and friends are safe and healthy.

“Everyone’s good,’’ he said. “We’re all trying to take the proper precautions to stay safe. New York, and Long Island’s, been a bit of a hot spot, so we’ve just been trying to be as careful as possible. But luckily, everyone’s been good so far.’’

He wasn’t shaken up by the fact that three players from the Colorado Avalanche — the last team the Rangers played, on March 11 — have tested positive for COVID-19. Mostly, he said, he and his teammates are more concerned with doing the right things as opposed to worrying about their own potential exposure to the virus.

“For guys in our situation, I think it’s more, you don’t want to spread it,’’ he said. “It might not be dangerous for you, but you know, you have family members that it could be dangerous for. I think just being careful and trying to take the proper precautions here, I think that’s the focus for guys right now.’’

Fox, who left Harvard after his junior year to turn professional, has always planned to go back to school to finish his degree. Harvard had not allowed for online classes, so he was going to have to wait for the summer, when he could go back to campus. Now, though, more colleges have gone online and he hopes to work on that degree this summer.

“That would be a nice thing for me if they add [online instruction],’’ he said. “But again, it’s a lot of just waiting to find out for things, I feel like, now.’’

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