In the interview room at he Verizon Center after the optional this morning, Torts was asked how much a tone can be set in Game 1:

“For certain players and your team, obviously, if you’re successful in the first game, it’s a matter of confidence. I think playoff series are surges, going against you, going with you. You get a win under your belt, you have a surge going with you. It changes quickly. That’s very important in succeeding in these types of series, how you handle surges. There’s a lot of different things come out of a win and a loss. ”

On the effect on winning 6-0 and 7-0 in the regular season:
“It doesn’t matter what the score is. If they spanked us 6 nothing, seven nothing, we’re not going to cower. We respect this hockey club, by no means do we fear them.”

On opening in DC:
“We don’t care where we’re playing. We’re good with our mindset, we’re good in our skin. We need to play. The road, away, we have an understanding of how we’re gonna play.”

On last-minute advice:
“We’re pretty close to done, we’ll go over a few other things at our six o’ clock meeting. There’s not going to be a lot of changes. We know who we are and we’re going to try to be who we are.”

On rookies McDonagh, Stepan, and Sauer:
“They have succeeded, and really been a big part of our core, in winning 44 games. They’ve really handled the ups and down, especially the last couple of weeks, where it’s more in focus, when you get down to the stretch run, trying to get in, some of the bumps we had and how we answered. If we’re going to succeed, they’re going to be a big part.”

On whether he was growing a playoff beard or would shave:
“I haven’t had a chance, Zip…”


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