When I traveled to Miami from NY for spring break back in 1985, I paid $98 each way for a rountrip fare on NY Air (remember them?)  I remember because it was a lot for me to pay on my meager part-time, college-student salary, and it was the first airfare I ever purchased myself.

So, it's amazing to me that more than 25 years later, with all the talk about rising fuel prices and inflation, fares really haven't changed that much. You still can score a $200 roundtrip from NY to Florida on most airlines, especially when they're having a sale, which is often.

AirTran just announced a sale that will get you to Florida for even less money than I paid back in the day. Fly from New York to Orlando for just $89 each way through November -- just be sure to book by April 14, book at least 10 days in advance and avoid these blackout dates: May 1, 26-28, 30; June 19, 23-26, 30; July 1-5, 8-10, 15-17, 22-24, 29-31; Aug. 5-8.

You can even get to Aruba for $149 each way, and to Vegas for $154. Check other destinations on sale and book fast because they'll likely sell out soon: AirTran.com

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