You're ready, you've planned. The blue ocean calls. But beware...

You're ready, you've planned. The blue ocean calls. But beware hidden vacation expenses can lead to a debt hangover that lasts for months. Credit: Handout

Traveling during the holiday season typically involves researching deals, enjoying time with loved ones and experiencing different locations – none of which should be spoiled by scams or con artists.

Vacancy Rewards, a travel service site, is warning against the most popular travel scams this holiday season.

They warn against email chain letters that promise five-star vacations for deals too good to be true. The traveler will either be told they've won a vacation they weren’t expecting or have their credit card number taken with nothing in return.

How to protect yourself? Conduct thorough research before committing to a travel deal.

Another popular scam victimizes tourists when they hop in a cab. The taxi, which they expect will transport them to their hotel, either takes them somewhere else or claims the hotel is out of service. Many travelers, who are likely to be new to the location, would heed the driver’s advice. What they don’t know is that the hotel is in fact open and they are being redirected to a lower-quality location.

How to protect yourself? Search for reputable cab companies and follow your instincts if a driver recommends a new hotel. If the hotel offers a shuttle, that’s even better.

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