I wrote this poem a few days after Sept. 11 while returning from Pennsylvania. Looking south from the GW Bridge, I saw the smoke of Ground Zero. I was thinking of my friend, Steve Hoffman of Cantor Fitzgerald, who died there.

A tragic day in history: 9-11-01

Sept. 11 started out bright and cheery and ended up dark dreary.
Men and women went to work, as they usually do.
Firemen and policeman went to work, too.
Who would have thought as the morning started, the Twin Towers, would soon be parted.
Two large planes would come out of the sky and the Towers would,
be gone in the blink of an eye.
Rescue workers started coming, arm and arm, hand and hand trying to save
any woman, child or man.
Many lives were lost on that terrible day.
All over the world we knelt and prayed.
God bless those who have lost their lives and our hearts go out to the families,
husbands, children and wives.
Fly your flag, stand up proud and take time to pray for the lives that were
lost and the U.S. of A.

Diane Ankner, Baldwin

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