Friend recalls 'that big grin of his'

I worked with Don at Bar Beach, located on the North Shore of LI, during the early 80s. I remember his easy-going personality and that big grin of his. Soaking up the sun during the day and going to a party, what seemed like every night. We had alot of fun in those carefree days.

The following summer, Don switched his lifeguard job to the beach right next door. On rainy days, the lifeguards from the two beaches would play ultimate frisbee against each other. If we won, we would always give Don a good ribbing. He always took it well and he always flashed that big grin of his.

I lost touch with Don after the lifeguard days, so I was shocked to see Don's name among the victims of 9/11. Almost ten years later, I hope his family is perservering without him. Don was a great guy.

After reading everything that has been written about him, I see that he turned out to become a great husband and father. That did not shock me. God Bless!

John Arlotta, Woodbury

Prom date: He was 'perfect gentleman'

He was a good friend of my uncle, Thomas Granato. When my prom date found a better prospect just two weeks prior to my senior prom, Thomas asked Donald to take me. He was a perfect gentleman -- handsome, kind, and we had fun. A person of great character. A shocking, sudden and terrible loss, leaving a beautiful wife and three amazing boys. A shame.

Ellyn Quiggle, San Diego (formerly of Manhasset)

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