He was an intelligent, special person

I was a firefighter with Glenn in Jericho and am pleased to say we became friends also. He was a special person who was intelligent, highly capable, caring, and unassuming; and he was a very good lawyer.

He took fire and rescue work seriously as a volunteer, did it well,and could have been a top-level career fire/rescue worker. In that tradition he was always ready to help save life and property without concern for himself, and he had reacted quickly from his downtown office at the first WTC attack and at the subway bombing incident.

He had described these events when he and I shared lunch in the WTC complex less than a year before 9/11. It was interesting to see how well- liked and respected he was by restaurant staff, customers, and other locals as he treated them with sincerity and affability. It is not surprising that he immediately left his office to enter the WTC on 9/11, and I worried about him from early on.

He was a volunteer who put himself in harm's way alongside the brave professional rescuers and was unique in that regard, and he paid for that by losing a life that had so much well-deserved success, fulfillment, and pleasure remaining in it for him.

Dr. Ed Kush, Water Mill

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