Firefighter Timothy Shawn Haskell -- The Dude -- Squad 18

Timmy was the third of five children. He was always an adventurous daredevil. Even as a young child, he had no fear. He kept his father and I on a direct path to the local emergency room. At two and a half years of age, he broke his foot jumping off a high stage just like the older boys were. The doctor said he hadn’t done a cast that small since he was in medical school. Tim was always getting x-rays or stitches for some sort of escapade. He was into extreme sports before anyone knew what extreme sports were.

He loved speedy toys. As he got older, he traded in his bikes and skateboards for dirt bikes, quads and motorcycles. He could pop a wheelie on a motorcycle with the best of them. And jump the dunes and craters better than most.

At age 12, Tim had three paper routes. At 13, he got a job at the local deli to help pay for all his expensive toys.

Tim loved the water. He could do a headstand on his surfboard. He was an avid scuba diver and taught many others to dive also. His diving came in handy whenever he ran aground in his 23-foot speedboat. He also jumped the wakes of other bigger boats (the bigger the better). Just driving the fast boat wasn’t scary enough.

He loved speed. He could get you to Action Park in New Jersey in 20 minutes. Who needed roller coasters after driving with Timmy?

Timmy was taking flying lessons. He not only wanted to be a firefighter like his dad and older brotherd Tommy, but he wanted to fly like his dad, too. His brother, Tommy, was lost on 9-11-01 also.

Timmy was good at almost everything he tried. He had a love for life, action and family. He was never too busy to help anyone who needed it, whether it was building something, buying or training a dog or fixing someone’s car.

He loved animals. When he became a fireman, he bought two Dalmatians named Blaze and Bunker. He trained Blaze to stop, drop and roll and to crawl to the door. Every October, he took Blaze to elementary schools to teach the kids fire safety.

Tim was a generous, giving, caring person, which is why he chose to be a firefighter. When he went through the Fire Academy with his younger brother, Kenny, his cousin Frankie and his brother Tommy’s brother-in –law, Kevin, you couldn’t tell who was prouder, my husband and I or his brother, Tommy.

Timmy loved to laugh and make others laugh also. Even as a grown man, I had to get him some kind of toy or joke present each Christmas and he would make a big production of opening it like it was the most expensive gift.

He loved Halloween. He would spend two weeks making a crazy costume each year and he won many a prize over the years.

Tim was first assigned to L-8 (the Ghostbusters House). But when he was assigned to Squad 18, he was thrilled. His acceptance into SOC was a reflection of his skill and desire to be the best firefighter he could possibly be. Tim was a gadget guy. He was always finding something that would be helpful on the job and soon everyone else would have the gadgets too.

Tim was never ashamed to show affection to anyone family or friend.

There is a tremendous void in our hearts and lives with the loss of Timmy and his brother Tommy. Tim touched many lives before 9-11 and many many more on 9-11.

He died doing what he loved-Helping people unconditionally.

In a display of encredible bravery, Timmy never waivered to save lives despite the collapse of the South Tower until the North Tower collapsed.

Tim and his brother Tom and the other 341 firefighters are heroes and role models any young children can look up to.

Timmy and Tommy (Our Twin Towers)

We miss you all the time, but we remember you with great pride and love for the special people you are.

The Haskell family

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