Ron Roge

Ron Roge

Ron Rogé, a financial adviser based in Bohemia, in his August newsletter lists a few positive things about personal and national finance.

And to balance the bright side, he’s also got a list of “uncertainties.” His monthly musings for August are titled “Pandemic of Uncertainty.”

He says, “As we have been writing for almost two years now, we expect the global economic recovery to be a slow process marked by occasional periods of extreme volatility.”

Here are the top five items on August’s “positive news” list:
1. Corporate earnings are excellent and growing.
2. Cash on corporate books is increasing.
3. Cash in money market funds and savings banks is at an all time high (about $11 trillion).
4. Positive but slow GDP growth.
5. Interest rates remain low.

And here are Rogé’s top three “uncertainties”:
1. Bush tax cuts expire at year end.
2. Stimulus package expires at year end.
3. New health care bill and the unknown costs and tax increases for the wealthy.

For the rest of the items on his August lists, see his newsletter page.

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