Mineola is one of the most business-friendly places on Long...

Mineola is one of the most business-friendly places on Long Island, according to a new study by financial information website NerdWallet. Credit: Amy Onorato

A new study released by NerdWallet shows that Long Island might not be that unfriendly to businesses after all.

While high taxes and an expensive cost of living are often cited as reasons for opening up shop somewhere other than Nassau or Suffolk counties, NerdWallet says a few Long Island locations are business hotbeds and that four of the top 12 areas in the state to start a business are on Long Island.

Garden City is second on the list, behind Suffern, a Rockland County village. NerdWallet said the average revenue per business in Garden City is more than $1.4 million and that there are more than 19 businesses per 100 people in Garden City. That's the highest ratio in the top 10. Also, NerdWallet wrote that while Garden City had the highest median monthly housing cost on the list, at $2,966, it also had the highest median annual income, at $107,411.

Mineola is ranked third, just behind Garden City. NerdWallet said there are more than 17 businesses per 100 people in Mineola, one of the highest ratios on its top 10 list.

Rockville Centre was eighth on the list, thanks, in part, to above average median income.

Patchogue finished just outside the top 10, in the 12th spot.

Lynbrook and Glen Cove also finished in the top 25.  

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