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Comverse Technology Inc. is addressing the issue of mobile network congestion this month at two industry conferences, one earlier this month and one next week, the company says.

"Congestion management is integral to preventing degradation of the user's quality of experience; fortunately, costly network upgrades are not the only option open to communication service providers," Comverse says in a Tuesday news release.

"Taking front stage at the foremost industry forums, Comverse introduces its Congestion Control solution -- a fresh, highly efficient approach combining both congestion detection and mitigation."

Comverse executives have already made a presentation at the Mobile Network Optimisation conference in Vienna, and they will present their products at the Broadband Traffic Management conference in Boston next week. 

Comverse, a former Long Island company now based in Manhattan, owns a majority stake in Verint Systems Inc., of Melville, a maker of software that analyzes video and audio data.

Verint is expected to be spun off by parent Comverse, but first, though, Comverse must put to rest lingering issues related to a stock options and accounting scandal involving its former chief executive, Jacob Alexander, who is now a fugitive from justice living in Africa. 

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