Store manager Chris Moore organizes merchandise at Crusoe & Sons,...

Store manager Chris Moore organizes merchandise at Crusoe & Sons, a travel-inspired apparel boutique in Huntington. Credit: Newsday / Steve Pfost

A nearly 40-year-old Long Island sneaker store, Renarts, has a new sibling.

Renarts' owner has launched a sister store, Crusoe & Sons, a boutique in Huntington.

Crusoe & Sons, which opened in June at 291 Main St., “combines luxury, streetwear and travel,” said Ankur Amin, chief executive officer of TGS Holdings Co., the East Northport-based owner of Crusoe & Sons, Renarts and other stores.

Crusoe & Sons, whose design is inspired by a ship deck, sells sneakers and casual and athletic apparel to men and women under its own brand and those of Adidas, Nike, Stone Island and others, both online and in the store.  The prices put the boutique in the high-end category.

For example, a pair of wheat-colored ACG woven cargo pants for men is priced at $180 online.  A pair of white Nike Air Max 1 Schematic sneakers for men is going for $150 online.

Crusoe & Sons is “for the consumer that’s a little more elevated, a little more grown up, not just in age but experiences, too,” said Amin, 51, a Huntington resident.

The Amin family has a lengthy history in apparel and shoe retailing.

Crusoe & Sons opened in June on Main Street in...

Crusoe & Sons opened in June on Main Street in Huntington. Credit: Newsday / Steve Pfost

In 1983, Amin’s parents, Niranjan and Nina, bought a Renarts shoe store in East Northport from Arthur and Irene Goldberg, who had opened it in 1981.  Amin’s brother Nick joined the business in 1990 and Amin joined in 1992.

The family opened their second Renarts store in 1993 in Huntington Village.

Around 2004, Nick and Ankur Amin took over the business and, in 2015, relocated the Renarts in Huntington Village to a more prominent South Huntington location.

In 2017, the brothers founded TGS Holdings, which fully owns four clothing and shoe stores — Crusoe & Sons in Huntington, Extra Butter boutique in Manhattan and the two Renarts stores on Long Island, in East Northport and South Huntington.  TGS also is a part owner of Rooted, a casual apparel and sneaker store in Nashville.

With their latest offering, Crusoe & Sons, the brothers see expansion in the future.

“Our plan is to build the brand from this Huntington location in 2019-20 and then pursue additional stores on Long Island and in New York City, as well,” Ankur Amin said.

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