ExcelAire chief David Rimmer says his new parent company plans...

ExcelAire chief David Rimmer says his new parent company plans a major expansion at MacArthur Airport to service corporate jets. (April 26, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

ExcelAire, a Ronkonkoma private jet charter company, is introducing a new unit to focus on more specialized services.

Specifically, the company's new service caters towards musicians and financiers to use for music tours or financial road shows, where bankers travel all over to attract investors for an initial public offering.

“Because of the unique demands of these itineraries, we have expanded our operations department to offer touring clients even greater peace of mind,” said David Rimmer, the president of ExcelAire.

Through the new unit, the firm will offer professional planning services to arrange for other needs such as ground transportation, food, lodging, etc.

ExcelAire has already booked over a dozen music tours and half a dozen financial road shows under the new service, Rimmer added.

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