Geothermal-based electricity produced from abundant Icelandic hot springs is the green-technology basis for a new partnership announced this week by a CA Technologies company.

The partnership is between Greenqloud, of Reykjavik, and Nimsoft, the CA subsidiary, based in Northern California.

It starts with racks of computer servers in Reykjavik, hooked up to the island nation's clean energy grid.

Then there's the cloud computing software, provided by Nimsoft. This software allows clients to exactly monitor their usage of Greenqloud’s bandwidth, storage space and other expenses.

Together the hardware and software package allow clients to monitor the flow of cloud services while at the same time reducing their consumption of carbon-based fuel sources.

CA, based in Islandia, is positioning itself as a major provider in the field of cloud computing — flexible, cost-saving subscription plans allowing clients to use variable amounts hardware and software over the Internet.

Those are vacationers, above, in a natural hot spring in Iceland.

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