A sign from an environmental group pushing a bill proposing...

A sign from an environmental group pushing a bill proposing mandatory labeling of genetically modified food at a hearing in Honolulu on Feb. 4, 2013. Credit: AP

A proposal to require labels on food products containing ingredients from genetically modified crops is inching closer to a vote in the New York Legislature.

The labeling legislation was endorsed Tuesday by the state Assembly's Committee on Codes, a key panel that often signs off on bills before a vote of the full chamber.

Proponents say labels would inform consumers. Many agricultural and food companies disagree, saying evidence shows GMO foods are safe and that labels will make prices go up.

The bill would apply to genetically modified fruits and vegetables and products containing ingredients like oil or sugar that are derived from genetically engineered crops.

Vermont has already adopted a labeling law. Maine and Connecticut have, too, but their requirements won't take effect until other states follow suit.

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