An LIRR ticket machine.

An LIRR ticket machine. Credit: MTA

For Hebrew-language commuters buying tickets from automated machines on the Long Island Rail Road, things have gone a bit backward, an Israeli newspaper reports.

"GnidaeR sdrawkcab si drah," reads a Wednesday story in The Jerusalem Post.

"If you had trouble reading that sentence, now you know what it’s been like trying to read the Hebrew menus on the Long Island Rail Road ticket vending machines," the Jerusalem Post story continues.

The LIRR has offered Hebrew menus on the ticket machines since 2002 but starting a few months ago, the letters have appeared left to right instead of right to left, making the words unintelligible, the Post says.

An LIRR spokesman told the Post, "The LIRR became aware of the problem at the end of June and has been working with its TVM vendor to find a solution."

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