Sleepy's placed a stack of mattresses on Fifth Avenue in...

Sleepy's placed a stack of mattresses on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan as part of a commercial campaign that urged the "City that Never Sleeps" to catch some zzz's after daylight saving time. (March 14, 2011) Credit: AP

If sleep was your specialty during college, you may have the chance to astound your relatives by snaring a full-time summer job as snooze director at Sleepy's, the Hicksville-based mattress company.

And yes, you really would be able to call it the job of your dreams.

Besides testing mattresses and demonstrating sleep positions, you would be called on to research trends, do vlogging and live blogging, and support social media efforts -- further showing those relatives that all your tweeting and Facebooking really did lead to something.

College students and grads with "at least 18 years of sleep experience" are invited to apply, said a company media release.

"We're looking for self-motivated sleepers who can provide valuable insight on getting the best possible shut-eye," said Adam Blank, Sleepy's chief operating officer, in the release.

Interestingly, "sleep" is not "a standardized skill or area of expertise" on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. However, "napping" is, and is associated with those in the writing and editing fields, as well as retirees and a work-from-home lap dog. Of course, dealing with sleep apnea, sleep medicine, and sleep deprivation and disorders are all serious, recognized skills and expertise areas.

Emily Barrett, 25, of Woodside, Queens, was hired in 2011 as Sleepy's first snooze director. Now a production assistant for MTV/VH1 Radio network, she said she thinks Sleepy's chose her, in part, because she came to the interview with specific ideas on how she would do the job. "I'm sure my sleeping skills were also a factor," she said in an email. "I can sleep quite well ;)"

Potential applicants can check for application details, which include demonstrating your "slumber skills" in a video or traditional resume.

Should you snare this rare opportunity to sleep on the job, you would start in early June and be paid $10 an hour, a spokeswoman said.

As for Barrett, formerly of Sea Cliff, she said her family "always knew I was bound to end up in some unique, fun job . . . And of course EVERYONE loved the job title."

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