Elena Polyakova, chief executive of Graphene Laboratories, newly installed at...

Elena Polyakova, chief executive of Graphene Laboratories, newly installed at the Calverton Business Incubator. Credit: Columbia University

This time, Long Island isn't losing a high-tech company -- it's gaining one.

Stony Brook University's business incubator in Calverton this week welcomes Graphene Laboratories, a Massachusetts company that specializes in building nano-scale electronics using graphene - a form of carbon. The company operates a second, commercial website, Graphene Supermarket, offering some of its products.

Graphene is used in atomic-scale layers to build circuits and other electronic devices.

Graphene arrives on Long Island as a result of its business cooperation with a primary partner, CVD Equipment Corp., of Ronkonkoma. Graphene, founded in Massachusetts -- where Polyakova this year was named a 2011 MassHighTech Woman To Watch -- has been using CVD's facilities as a waystation, awaiting its move into the Calverton incubator.

Graphene Laboratories is headed by Elena Polyakova, a Russian immigrant with a master's degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics, a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Southern California, and a former fellow at Columbia University's Flynn Group, in the Department of Chemistry and the Columbia Radiation Laboratory.

Polyakova I study transport phenomena in mesoscopic conductive films, self-assembled monolayers, and nanostructures on insulating substrates in ambient conditions. In particular, I am interested in experimental STM studies of monocrystalline ultrathin graphite films including single graphite sheets (graphene) at the atomic scale.

Among the Supermarket's products (for descriptions, go to graphene-supermarket.com) are Kish Graphite, Graphene Wafers: CVDgraphene, Graphene Nanopowder, Graphene Oxide, Graphene TEM grids, Wafers, Accessories, Graphene Value Kits, Graphene Solutions.

The Calverton Business Incubator, owned and operated by Stony Brook University, "focuses on nurturing the development of new agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental technologies," the university says on the incubator website.

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