Long Island American Water has lifted water restrictions in southern...

Long Island American Water has lifted water restrictions in southern Nassau County. (July 30, 2010) Credit: Danielle Finkelstein, 2010

New Jersey-based American Water is still under fire for rusty water from its pipes in the Malverne area.

Here are a few excerpts from this week's postings to the Facebook page titled, "I Love Malverne but hate the brown water." 

The Facebook page was created by Malverne residents disgusted by brown, iron-tinged water supplied by New Jersey-based American Water Co. 

Most of the past week's comments were centered on the opening of a new water filtration plant, intended to remove the excess iron sediment.

Tuesday, Rosemary Hoffmann:"water very rusty tonight so much for the new plant. Hope this was only temporary." 

Tuesday, Peter Robideau: "NOTICE: I just received a call from Mr. Varley at (Long Island American Water) and the new plant (iron removal) went online at 3:00 pm today!!! 1 week ahead of schedule. 

Tuesday, Ben Montante: "I truly love Malverne ,but this water issue is as old as me fix it already."

Monday, Rosanne Masiello Darmanin: "Has anyone noticed filtered water systems through their refrigerators clogging up and icemakers not working properly (because of clogged lines) We have always had problems with that. . . now Im wondering if the sediment is clogging the water lines for both.. . ."

Monday, Jeanne D'Esposito: "Oh yeah. We were going nuts with this problem too. We have to change the filter every two months on our refrigerator and it's supposed to last six. But once we learned about the iron issue it all made sense."

Tuesday, Rosanne Masiello Darmanin: I cant believe I didnt put that together unitl now! Now it all makes sense!! Wow, this really ---! I wonder would Mr. Varley would say to all of us. Will they pay for our filters and appliance repair visits?”

Photo:  Water gushes through pipes of Long Island American Water in July 2010 after a water restriction had been lifted in south Nassau County.

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