Top Seed Tennis is a sports strategy game where you...

Top Seed Tennis is a sports strategy game where you are a behind-the-scenes mastermind trying to develop the next tennis superstar. Credit: Gaminho

Tennis, anyone? For the next 14 days, it’s more like tennis, everyone, as 256 players vie for the men’s and women’s championships at the 2019 U.S. Open Tennis Championships in Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. These apps serve up a lot of information and enjoyment for all tennis fans.

U.S. Open Tennis Championships 2019

(iOS, Android; free)

All-new for the 2019 tournament, this official app from the USTA is a perfect partner for anyone attending the matches – and offers a lot of information for all tennis fans.  For those going to Arthur Ashe Stadium, the app displays your tickets, making them scannable at the gate. You can also transfer your tickets. In addition, there’s stats, player matchups and bios for all participants.


(iOS; $2.99)

Ace your aces. This iOS-only app uses your iPhone’s video camera to record the speed of your serves. You can use the video to analyze your technique frame-by-frame to see where you went right -- or wrong. Keep an ongoing log of your serves and the app will calculate average speed and distance over time. The app is a little tricky to set up, but the results are hopefully accurate and definitely informative.

Top Seed Tennis

(iOS, Android; free)

Perhaps your dream of becoming the next Serena or Sampras has died. But how about creating the next Serena or Sampras? Top Seed Tennis is a sports strategy management game where you are a behind-the-scenes mastermind trying to develop the next tennis superstar. You set your player's strategy and training regimen, and watch from the sidelines as your protégé rockets up the rankings -- or cashes and burns on the court.

Stick Tennis

(iOS, Android; free)

This game is from Stick Sports, developers of several mobile sports games including Stick Soccer and Stick Cricket. Playing the game only entails a one-finger swipe, but don’t let that fool you – it gets more difficult as you move along. Stick Tennis includes several players with different styles, and a few courts with different surfaces. In-app purchases unlock more players and courts. 

Unsafe at any speed

Drivers -- especially seniors -- are having trouble managing newfangled electronics in cars. AAA found the “complexity and poor design of infotainment systems” means drivers 55 and older may take up to 40 seconds to complete a task with the navigation unit or tune the radio – nine seconds longer than younger drivers. AAA said the technology creates “unsafe distractions” where drivers take their eyes off the road for unsafe periods. -- PETER KING

Head trip+
[Photo possibility: Media images from BA are available at]

Planning a visit to Britain? You may not need a window seat in the airplane to enjoy the sights. On selected flights from Heathrow to Kennedy Airport, British Airways is providing passengers with VR headsets loaded with films, documentaries and travel programs. The airline says it hopes the trial program, which runs until the end of the year, will “create a unique and memorable journey” for passengers. -- PETER KING

Sony snags Spider-Man game maker

Sony will buy Insomniac Games, the studio behind last year’s hit Marvel’s Spider-Man. The move is part of Sony’s effort to supply exclusive titles for its PlayStation, which remains the top-selling gaming console but is grappling with the success of megahit game Fortnite and a shift toward free-to-play titles. Apple, Facebook and Google also have stated their intention of getting deeper into the game business. – BLOOMBERG NEWS