Patrick Drahi, founder and controlling shareholder of Altice N.V., speaks...

Patrick Drahi, founder and controlling shareholder of Altice N.V., speaks at Altice USA in Bethpage Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Credit: Barry Sloan

Altice USA’s Optimum brand name for cable television, internet and telephone services on Long Island will be replaced with the Altice name by next summer, company executives announced Tuesday.

The change is part of a worldwide rebranding strategy by Altice USA’s parent company, Altice N.V. of the Netherlands, to unite its far-flung subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

The change also will impact Lightpath, an internet and telephone service for businesses, which will be renamed Altice Business.

The rebranding will not extend to the News 12 Networks, i24 News and other media properties owned by Altice. The company owns 25 percent of Newsday Media Group.

The announcement comes as Altice USA prepares to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. The company consists of the former Cablevision Systems Corp. of Bethpage and Suddenlink of St. Louis, both of which were purchased by Altice N.V. Cablevision was bought in June 2016 for $17.7 billion.

Patrick Drahi, founder and controlling shareholder of Altice N.V., said the new logo, musical theme and slogan — “Together has no limits” — will help Altice compete against internet giants Facebook and Google, as well as Spectrum and other cable television providers.

“The world is changing,” he said Tuesday, during an event beamed to the company’s 50,000 employees across the globe from Altice USA headquarters in Bethpage. Resisting change would threaten “both our ability to meet our goal and our capacity to bring the world together.”

Speaking to reporters after the event, Drahi said Altice N.V. will likely purchase another U.S. cable company before considering a purchase of a mobile telephone company.

“I think we are too small in cable to go to mobile,” he said. “In the U.S. we are No. 4 in cable and No. 8 in telecom . . . It’s like the Olympic Games. If you end up being No. 4 this is too bad,” he said.

Asked about the Cablevision acquisition, Drahi said, “One year later . . . the results we have and the potential of the company are bigger than I thought.”

Over the next 12 months the Altice name will replace Optimum on company buildings, employee uniforms, repair trucks and advertisements, according to Michel Combes, CEO of Altice N.V.

Combes on Monday declined to say how much the rebranding will cost, though he said the company was saving money by reducing the number of ad agencies it uses from 10 to one.

Dexter Goei, CEO of Altice USA, said on Monday that Altice had begun installing a fiber-optic operating system on Long Island in January, and had achieved more than 60 percent of the cost reductions it promised upon taking over Cablevision.

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