Iron Cove

Iron Cove

A Garden City insurance company, The Whitmore Group Ltd., has acquired a rival, Iron Cove Partners Llc.

Iron Cove, also based in Garden City, says it specializes in "servicing the unique insurance requirements of the financial services and securities trading industry."

The Whitmore Group's focus had been on insurance services and estate planning.
Both companies are led by former standout athletes — a connection that is highlighted on their company websites.

James Metzger, who runs The Whitmore Group, played lacrosse at Hofstra University in Hempstead. And Louis D'Agostino, who founded Iron Cove, is a former New York Jets fullback.

With the merger, Metzger and D'Agostino say they "have created a new insurance and financial services team that will deliver a broad variety of risk management and insurance-related products for businesses and high-net-worth individuals."

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