Intellicheck Mobilisa scanner

Intellicheck Mobilisa scanner Credit: Thomas A. Ferrara

The wireless ID-check scanner maker Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. is launching a new product, Fugitive Finder, made specifically to find "bad guys" at airports.

"Fugitive Finder has been developed specifically for use in airports, for customers such as the Transportation Security Administration, airlines, and other aviation security personnel," Intellicheck said in a Wednesday news release.

The company, based in Washington state, has a major research and design office in Woodbury, and uses scanning hardware made in Holtsville.

Intellicheck has formed a new advisory board, made up of law enforcement, military and academic experts to continue developing its new airport identity-check scanner.

The advisory board will include Maj. Gen. Jack A. Davis, U.S. Marine Corps, retired; James "Dan" Linehan of Rock One Consulting, LLC; Sheldon Greenberg of Johns Hopkins University; and Ronnie A. Carter of RA Carter and Associates, LLC.

"Fugitive Finder builds upon Intellicheck's patented ID reading technology deployed nationwide at over 80 federal facilities and military bases, which quickly scans various forms of IDs, such as driver's licenses, military IDs or passports, and instantly compares the data to over 100 'bad guy' lists," Intellicheck says in its Wednesday release.

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