Seasonal workers need a solid strategy to make their summer...

Seasonal workers need a solid strategy to make their summer earnings last, experts say. Credit: Getty Images

With summer fast approaching, seasonal workers will enjoy the flush feeling of increased cash flow. The challenge is, how not to spend it all.

Couple discipline with strategy and you’ll have something to keep you going when the leaves turn to snowflakes.

Get serious: Allocate one day a week where all the pay from that day is your savings for the week. If you work 40 hours a week, you want to save eight hours. “Make it fun and think of that day as ‘your future’ day,” says Jennifer Beeston, vice president of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate Mortgage in Manhattan.

Divide, but conquer: Have two bank accounts and have a portion of your pay deposited directly into one account that you don’t touch. “Start with $100 a paycheck and see how that feels. Increase it to $150 and see how high you can get by summer’s end,” says Beeston.

Automatic saving is key. “You’re not tempted to spend a portion of your income because you don’t see it. It’s human psyche: ‘Oh, I have $500. I can spend $500.’ But when you make savings automatic, you don’t even see it,” says Daniel Tariq, a vice president at Quontic Bank in Astoria.

Be strategic: “Make the most of nice weather. Walk, ride or take public transportation. You’ll save a ton on gas, tolls and maintenance,” says Jennifer McDermott, a personal finance expert with

Summer is full of weddings, graduations and special occasions. Budget for the blowouts and cut back elsewhere to make up the difference.

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