Sale tag in pop art style. Savvy buyers know that...

Sale tag in pop art style. Savvy buyers know that certain items can be especially opportune to snap up in certain seasons. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/medesulda

Timing is everything. This is true especially in shopping.

While there are always deals to be had, savvy buyers know that certain items can be especially opportune to snap up in certain seasons. Here’s a look at some of the best things to buy in 2019 by month.


“Fitness equipment and technology. Most people want to get back in shape after the holidays season, so retailers usually drop the prices for fitness and gym equipment. Technology, including smartphones and smartwatches, TVs and electronics are also on sale in this period,” says Jacob Seiter, owner of January is also a good time to stock up on linen during the January “White Sales.”


“Purchase seasonal clothing like bathing suits, swimming trunks, cover ups, etc. when they are sure to be marked down for clearance,” says Tangela Walker-Craft a family and parenting blogger for Simply Necessary, Gift items printed with hearts for Valentine’s Day are usable for anniversaries, birthdays, even Mother’s Day. Buy heart-printed items after Feb. 14 at extremely discounted prices.


“This is a great time to shop for luggage in preparation for summer travel,” says Jeremy Norris, a personal finance blogger for Seiter says to go for grills. They are considered summer items, so their price will rise considerably in the next months. You’ll get the best deals in March.


“April is one of the best times to book a relaxing cruise. It also tends to bring deals on vacuum cleaners because of spring cleaning,” says Norris. As spring begins and summer approaches, retailers start to propose all sorts of outdoor and travel equipment. Their prices are still good in April, so it’s a great idea to invest in these items now, points out Seiter.


Furniture and home appliances are ripe for picking in May, especially during Memorial Day weekend blowout sales.


“With the start of summer and beautiful weather, this is when you’ll find the best sign-up deals on gym memberships,” says Norris. Many people end their membership in early summer when they face the fact that the New Year’s resolution to get fit isn’t going to be a reality and it’s time to stop wasting money.


Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, July 11, noteworthy discounts are available on Amazon products such as Kindles, Echo devices, and Fire TV devices. “To compete for sales, you'll find large discounts at big online retailers such as Target and Walmart as well,” says Chelsea Hudson, a shopping expert at


Take advantage of End-of-Summer sales and grab bathing suits and outdoor gear. With school about to start, there are often plenty of sales to get you to buy early: pencils, notebooks and other items to fill a backpack.


Think stocks. "On average, stock prices are lower in September. This is because fund managers are rebalancing their portfolios. They sell off their losing positions at the end of the third quarter to take advantage of tax write-offs and to help improve their year-end return figures,” says Michael Osteen, founder of Port Wren Capital in Beaufort, South Carolina.


“This is the best time to buy jeans after the back-to-school wave has passed,” says Norris. Seiter would add to the must-buy list outdoor furniture. “Nobody buys outdoor furniture in October, that’s why it comes cheap. If you want to get good prices, pick the items you like in October and store them inside until spring.”


Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean big deals on TVs, cookware, appliances, boots, handbags, gaming consoles and more.


Riley Adams, a senior financial analyst who runs the blog,, says home buying is ideal in December. “There are many fewer buyers and sellers in the housing market at this time of year, and this can routinely result in some of the best deals. Also, home prices typically drop to a 12-month low in December each year due to a lack of buyers and sellers.”

December can be a good month to buy cars. Dealerships are attempting to sell off any unsold present model year inventory to make room for the next model year.

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