In Eagle Lander 3D, players must guide a lunar module to...

In Eagle Lander 3D, players must guide a lunar module to a safe landing on the moon. The iOS version is known as Pocket Lander. Credit: Dirty Lime/Stuart Bermingham

Fifty years ago this week, Apollo 11 blasted off on its voyage to the moon. These apps can help you celebrate the mission —and Long Island’s role in the moon landing. 

Eagle Lander 3D

(iOS, Android; free)

A little bit of Long Island landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. The lunar module craft, known as the Eagle, was designed and assembled at Grumman headquarters in Bethpage. In this simulation, your goal is to pilot a lunar module to a safe moon landing. It is not an exact reproduction of the Grumman craft that brought the astronauts to the moon’s surface, but it’s still fun — and difficult. The iOS version is known as Pocket Lander.

Space Simulator

(iOS, Android; $4.99)

In this simulation game, you choose a number of real space flight adventures such as the Apollo or the Space Shuttle missions, or flights of fancy to nearby planets. If you chose the Apollo mission, you will be responsible for everything from launch to moon landing to re-entry to splashdown. The graphics are especially well done.


(iOS, Android; free)

This official app from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a treasure trove of photos, videos and stories covering the 61-year history of the space program. While it is especially useful for current-day space happenings — there is a section on the International Space Station, including live video —  there are photos and recaps of past missions, including the Apollo program.

NASA Selfies

(iOS, Android; free)

Those Instagram vacation photos are so 2018. This fun app from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory does only one thing: It snaps a selfie and puts you in an official spacesuit in front of a number of beautiful space images taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Upload the results to social media, so while your friends are posting photos of themselves at the Grand Canyon, you can top them with photos of you floating around the Helix Nebula.

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