Hockey Fight Pro is an odd but enjoyable app is...

Hockey Fight Pro is an odd but enjoyable app is exactly what it says it is: down and dirty hockey fighting. Credit: Google Play

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are scheduled to square off on Saturday in what is predicted to be the highest grossing boxing match in history. These fighting apps can get you into fighting shape while you await the big bout.

Real Boxing

(iOS, Android; free)

This arcade boxing game with excellent graphics offers more than simple blow-by-blow action. You create your fighter from templates of 30 boxers with various styles, strengths and weaknesses. Before you get into the ring, you must train in the gym to hone your skills and earn power-ups. The game features multiplayer mode and tournaments.

Hockey Fight Pro

(iOS, Android; $0.99)

Sure, Mayweather and Pacquiao can fling powerful uppercuts and flick lightning-quick jabs, but can they do it while wearing pounds of gear? With their bare fists? On ice? This odd but enjoyable app is exactly what it says it is: down and dirty hockey fighting. You choose from one of several players and let the fists fly. Those looking for the Sweet Science or artistic slap shots should look elsewhere.


(iOS, Android; $7.99)

The newly released app from the popular wrestling factory lets you choose from one of the WWE's roster of stars or you can construct your own wrestler. Refine your signature move, create your costume and work on that all-important swagger as you enter the ring. Several modes and tutorials help you go from beginner to pro, although the tiny controllers on your smartphone or tablet make it difficult at first. The game has multiplayer mode so you can dropkick live opponents anywhere in the world.

Tekken Card Tournament

(iOS, Android; free)

Fans of the wildly popular Tekken console fighting games have been waiting for a good mobile version for years, and this app is it -- almost. Before you can battle, you must assemble a "fighting deck" of cards that let you play as various fighters and give you an assortment of deadly moves. But once you get to the battle, the graphics are eye-popping, especially on iPhones and iPads and higher-end Androids. Available fighters run the gamut from mean-looking men to innocent-looking women to, yes, the ever-present Tekken panda.

Tech Bytes

Twitter toughens cyberbullying policy

Twitter, which has been under fire for the amount of cyberbullying and harassment by its users, has toughened its policy to include "threats of violence against others or promoting violence against others." Twitter says its previous policy, which was limited to "direct, specific threats," was too narrow. As for enforcement, Twitter says it will lock accounts of cyberbullies "for specific periods of time" depending on the offense.

Selfie absorbed

The much-maligned selfie stick has gone upscale. Nikon has introduced the Nikon Selfie Stick, which is compatible with eight of the photography giant's digital cameras, including the Nikon 1 J5 and several in the company's Coolpix line. The stick extends to 28 inches in length and connects to the tripod socket on the bottom of Nikon's cameras. It retails for $60.

World domination

Android and Apple have extended their dominance over the world's smartphone market. Research firm IDC says smartphones running Android and iOS accounted for 96.3 percent of all devices shipped last year. While Apple and Android are nearly tied in the U.S. market, Android is the clear leader worldwide, with an 81.5 percent share compared to Apple's 14.8 percent. Windows phones (2.7 percent) and BlackBerrys (0.4 percent) were far behind. -- PETER KING

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