The popular game Goat Simulator lets you unleash your inner goat,...

The popular game Goat Simulator lets you unleash your inner goat, leading to mayhem and chaos. Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Mobile games can be fun, entertaining and even educational. But is there a category for downright bizarre? The editors at Google Play Store believe so, and they rightfully tabbed these four as “just plain weird.” All are also available for iOS devices, so all mobile device owners can have some freaky fun.

Heads Off

(iOS, Android; free)

Not enough beheadings for you in “Game of Thrones”? This game is all about severed heads. Your head has had a life of its own, which you learn about in snarky text that appears on the screen — assuming you don’t roll into a chasm first. One more thing — your head moves faster the more you “scream.” Don’t question it, just roll with it.

Steppy Pants

(iOS, Android; free)

This game with its cheerfully retro graphics calls itself a “walking simulator,” but nobody out for a leisurely stroll should endure what Steppy Pants has to. Problems include drivers trying to kill you (not unlike walking on Long Island) and sidewalk cracks that can turn deadly. You can unlock various items, including, for some odd reason, a new wardrobe of stylish walking clothes.


(iOS, Android; free)

There’s actually a plotline here — sort of. Your character, which resembles a head-shaped hockey puck, glides along the ice looking for gold. There is treasure to be found and obstacles to avoid, not the least of which is a polar bear who seems to be in love with you. The gameplay is excellent, with scores of levels to complete.

Goat Simulator

(iOS, $6.99; Android, $4.99)

This wildly popular game lets you unleash your inner goat, and once your goat is off the leash, mayhem and chaos ensue. Your goal as a goat is to destroy as much as possible. This can include heat-butting objects or licking people until they collapse. And talk about truth in advertising. The developer’s “disclaimer” says “Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game.” Stupid fun, that is.

Listen up

Podcasts may bring up an image of the less-techie time before smartphones, and indeed they have been around for more than 15 years. But the audio and video broadcasts are more popular than ever. A CBS News survey found 33 percent of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a week, up from 23 percent in 2017. There are about 660,000 podcasts available on a range of topics.


Home shopping

Walmart and Google are teaming to make grocery shopping easier. If you use Google Assistant on your phone, you can say “Hey Google, talk to Walmart,” and you can immediately order items that will be placed in a virtual Walmart grocery cart. After you check out, the items can be picked up at a nearby Walmart store or delivered to your home.


The verdict on emojis

Noting the rise of emojis in court cases, lawyers in Britain are urging the judiciary to issue guidance on the interpretation of the digital symbols. Emojis are often weighted with dual meanings of a sexual or sinister nature. And because courts must frequently assess the meaning of nonverbal communication, the use of emojis can fuel confusion or misdirection, legal experts say.


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