Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight shakes things up for its long-running series.

The player can choose from three Mobile Construction Vehicles, or Crawlers, which are deployed to the battlefield and produce all units and structures in the game. Crawlers can build and store units while mobile, but have to plant in the ground to deploy them.

There's no true base-building or resource-harvesting here. Instead, players have a limited supply of Command Points. Nothing more can be created until something is destroyed or decommissioned.

Each side's Crawlers come in three flavors that have similar capabilities: Offense, which mostly pumps out tanks and other ground-attack vehicles; Defense, which focuses mainly on infantry units and is the only Crawler that can build and power structures; and Support, which chiefly produces airborne and other specialized units.

Playing the game in any mode earns experience points that increase the player's rank, which unlocks more advanced units, upgrades and special powers across the board, from the campaign to online battles.

Tiberian Twilight requires players to log in for every session, online or not, and maintain a constant Internet connection. If that connection is interrupted during play, progress and experience past the last checkpoint won't be saved - an aggravating copy-protection trend in recent PC games.

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

RATING T for Teen

PLOT The good guys and bad guys work together to save the world


BOTTOM LINE Different feel from past versions

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