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Screengrab from video game : EA SPORTS Active 2 (DC PS3 Wii X360) Credit: EA Sports/

Now that the holidays are past, it's time even for gamers to think about fitness. EA Sports Active 2 fits that need like a new pair of sneakers, reminding you that shaping up can be engaging and fun, and doesn't have to involve sweating in front of strangers.

If you can't motivate yourself, you probably won't last long here because this game is just about working out. When a developer deftly blends push-ups and bicep curls with slaying demons or saving fair maidens, then you'll really be playing with power.

Except on the Wii platform, you strap motion sensors to your arms and legs to register how well you work out. Mine disconnected from time to time, but for the most part they stayed in sync and did a solid job.

Active 2 allows you to complete nine- or three-week training sessions, all managed and taught by your trainer. If the sessions intimidate you, you can do one-off sessions for a quick workout. The graphics are pretty bland, so don't think you'll be doing workouts on virtual beaches or mountaintops.

Like with any workout, Active 2 will give back only as good as you put in. Stick with it, and you'll quickly shed that excess holiday weight.


EA Sports Active 2


RATING E for Everyone

PLOT Get ready to move it

DETAILS PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, $100

BOTTOM LINE A decent workout

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