myID by Endevr is a personal and medical identification bracelet.

myID by Endevr is a personal and medical identification bracelet. Credit: Handout

NAME myID by Endevr

WHAT IT DOES A personal and medical identification bracelet with an ID number and PIN that EMTs can use to access your online information through a Quick Response (QR) code or by phone.

COST Bracelet from $35

WHAT'S HOT This bracelet speaks for you in an emergency when you can't speak for yourself. Although anyone can wear one, it is especially useful for those with serious medical conditions and hikers, bikers, runners and others venturing out on their own. First responders can access information you put on the company's secure website by checking the back of the wristband's faceplate, where they'll find a scannable QR code, a toll-free phone number as well as the band owner's unique ID number and PIN. There are easy-to-follow instructions on how to adjust the unisex silicone band to the desired size. It has a metal closure similar to many watch bands and is available in black/gray, white/gray and turquoise/black. You receive a free premium profile account for the first year. A free iPhone app allows you to adjust your profile or embed your emergency information into a custom QR code image for your phone's lock screen wallpaper.

WHAT'S NOT Basic profile accounts are always free, but only allow you to enter limited information. Premium profiles cost $10 annually after the first year. Unlike other medical emergency jewelry that come as bracelets, necklaces, dog tags, shoe tags or key rings, myID is only available as a bracelet, and, though not uncomfortable, it's slightly heavier on the wrist than some chain link bracelets.


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