Did you ever want to keep some content from a Web page? You can print it, but along with the subject matter you want comes a lot of extraneous material, such as ads. Here's a free site that lets you edit the page before printing.

1. Go to printwhatyoulike.com. By printing only the parts of a Web page that you want, you can, as the site's creators say, save reams of paper. We suggest starting with the "Try the Demo" button before editing a page.

2. Once you understand the site's tools, plug the Web address of the page you wish to edit into the "Enter a URL" window. An editable copy of the Web page opens. You can isolate, remove, widen and resize elements or even change the font and size of the page's text. The "Undo" button is invaluable if you make a mistake.

3. When your page is edited, click the "print" button on the toolbar. You can also save the new page as a PDF file or an HTML shortcut. The site's blog offers tips and updates. Note, we did encounter one ad we had to carefully finesse to remove, as trying to use the toolbar on the ad opened its Web page.

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