Ever wonder what some places look like from the air? Here's a website where you can fly over the Eiffel Tower or hover above Central Park in autumn. It features the work of aerial panoramic photographers. (Best with Internet Explorer 7+.)

1. Go to toursfromabove.com. Select a tour by clicking on the arrows surrounding the tour on the home page, typing a location in the search window, clicking on "Map" in the upper right-hand corner or using the drop menu "Browse Other Tours."

2. The most enjoyable way to view the site is by clicking "View Fullscreen" on the bottom of the tour (press the Esc button to escape) or click the monitor icon on the bottom right. The view will begin to revolve. Some tours also have music, others don't.

3. To stop revolving, use the rotate on-off icon on the bottom right. You can explore 360 degrees in still mode with just your mouse by clicking on the tour and moving left, right, up and down. Use the icons on the bottom right of the screen to zoom in and out.

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