Choice of weapon and different styles of movement add flair...

Choice of weapon and different styles of movement add flair to the shooter game LawBreakers. Credit: Boss Key Productions

PLOT Choose your weapons.

RATED M for Mature

DETAILS PlayStation 4, PC; $39.99

BOTTOM LINE Aimed at shooter game veterans.

LawBreakers feels like a quick, entertaining and slightly different take on the team-based shooter. Players get to choose the weapon they like best: a 12-gauge shotgun, a Gatling gun, a massive laser or any other variety of hard-hitting weapons. Not only does that fit into a player’s comfort zone, but it also lends itself to a greater sense of balance.

Each player also gets some variety of movement ability, whether it’s the Wraith’s Slide, the Enforcer’s Distortion Field or the Battle Medic’s Hoverpack. LawBreakers seems designed for veterans of the genre and lacks a real tutorial on PlayStation 4, a curiosity since there doesn’t appear to be any such omission on the PC version. A comprehensive tutorial would work as both a gateway for newcomers as well as a refresher for veterans who have long since hung up their guns from the Quake and Unreal Tournament days.

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