Following Sony's ravamping of their PS3 console, Microsoft introuced an all new Xbox 360. The console is smaller, runs quieter, has more ports, and costs the same. It has a 250 GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi. Blu-ray is still a no show.

Aethetically, the new Xbox 360 slim looks a lot like the old PS3, with touch sensitive buttons and a glossy black finish. The 360 slim should be available in stores sometime this week.

Here are some more detailed specs:

-- Much quieter. Old Xbox had two small fans, now has only one large fan.
-- Smaller power block
-- A custom Kinect port which passes data and power
-- 250 GB internal hard drive
-- Touch sensitive buttons like the PS3
-- Five USB ports, three in the back, two in the front
-- Slightly changed controller. Now more angular.
-- Hard drives from old Xbox are NOT swappable.
-- Data between old and new Xboxes can be swapped via old hard drive tranfer cable.
-- HDMI cable included.

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