NXE ActiveSleeve mobile device arm band.

NXE ActiveSleeve mobile device arm band. Credit: Handout

If you looking for a stylish armband to rock out while you work out, NXE has a idea. The ActiveSleeve is a lightweight generic armband for mobile devices. Perfect for any type of media player from iPhones to Zune players. The sleeve has minimal presence, which looks great on your arm, but at a cost.

In the first run with the ActiveSleeve the performance was top notch. It felt great on my arm,  and I hardly felt it lifting weights or running. The problem is protection from mobile device-killing sweat moisture. If you are like me and sweat a lot while working out, you can forget the ActiveSleeve. After an hour workout my sweat had gotten through to my iPhone causing the screen to have light spots in it. Needless to say, sweat had gotten into the device compartment and into my phone.

Stylewise, the ActiveSleeve is one of the best-looking armbands on the market. Unfortunately where style excels, protection fails. If you’re willing to put your devices’ safety at risk for a stylin’ armband, you can take your chances with the ActiveSleeve. Otherwise go with something that has a bit more protection from moisture other than a thin mesh of fabric.

The Active Sleeve is currently $29.99 on Amazon.com for a set of two colors, black and white.

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