Privnote is an app that lets you send someone a...

Privnote is an app that lets you send someone a private message that will disappear after one viewing. Credit:

NAME Privnote (

WHAT Send notes over the internet that disappear after one viewing.


WHAT’S GOOD Have you ever needed to send someone a private message that you wanted no one else to see? Using email or a text leaves a copy of the message on the receiver’s computer or device, meaning it could be shared or seen by a third party. For those times when discretion is of the utmost importance, consider Privnote. Think of it as Snapchat for emailing or texting — something that is seen once and then will vanish forever. Go to this free, web-based, anonymous service (it requires no registration or password) and write your message. You then “create” it and receive a web address, which you send to the person you want to read the note. When the web address is accessed, the note appears and simultaneously self-destructs. Try to access it again and you’ll be told how long ago it was accessed and destroyed. You can set a password to encrypt the note as well as receive email notification of the time the message was picked up.

WHAT’S NOT Although Privnote says it does not log IP addresses and that cookies are destroyed after a message is retrieved, they add that, “Depending on the communication channel of your choice (e.g., email, fax, SMS, phone, instant messaging), there may be a certain risk that third parties intercept your communication, get knowledge of the communicated URL and thus may be able to read your message.”

BOTTOM LINE While it’s a cool idea, remember nothing is ever 100 percent safe on the internet.

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