Follow Eli Manning and the New York Giants all season...

Follow Eli Manning and the New York Giants all season long on the team's official mobile app. Credit: YinzCam

It’s been a long wait for Jets and Giants fans -- neither team has played a game that counts in more than eight months. The Giants open their 2018 season Sunday while the Jets kick off Monday night. These apps can help you follow the home teams and the rest of the NFL.


(iOS, Android; free)

The official app of the NFL has lots of new features -- and some new restrictions -- for 2018 depending on what type of mobile device you use. iPad and Android tablet users can access the NFL Network and NFL RedZone if they are already subscribers to a cable or satellite provider such as DirecTV, Optimum or Verizon FiOS. If you use the NFL app on a smartphone, you can watch Jets, Giants and nationally televised prime-time games.

Official New York Jets

New York Giants Mobile

(iOS, Android; free)

The Jets and Giants are updated for 2018, and so are these official apps of the local teams. Both apps offer behind-the-scenes videos and breaking news along with stats and rosters. For Giants and Jets ticket holders, both apps have special features you can use while in MetLife Stadium.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

(iOS, Android; free)

Can’t wait until Sunday? (Or Monday or Thursday?) Get your football fix with Madden. The mobile football game has a brand-new look for 2018. More than just a football game simulator, Madden NFL lets you build a team with real players and coaches. The gameplay and graphics are fluid and realistic. And the kicking game -- the biggest complaint of past Madden games -- has been completely revamped. 

NFL Huddle: Card Trader

(iOS, Android; free)

This app from iconic trading card maker Topps brings back the fun of opening a fresh pack of cards, although without the pink rectangle that was allegedly gum. While you can simply collect and trade the digital cards, the app is also a game where you set a team and compete against others based on the performance of the players whose cards you have.  

Into the breach

U.S. companies reported 1,579 data breaches last year, resulting in 180 million records being compromised. In its annual Cost of a Data Breach study, IBM found that the average cost to find, contain and clean up a breach was $7.9 million, an all-time high. IBM says 10 out of 11 breaches were caused by criminal attacks as opposed to “system glitches or human error.”


Grate expectations

Your business email can cause you stress when you leave work — even if you don’t check email after you leave the office. A Virginia Tech study found that the “mere expectation” of being available to monitor email in nonwork hours is detrimental to the health of employees. The study blamed “the insidious impact of ‘always on’ organizational culture” for the harmful effects.


Apple readies new iPhones

Wednesday is the most important day of the year for Apple as the company will unveil the next iPhones. Apple is planning three new models that look like the iPhone X, including a refresh to the flagship device, a larger premium model and a larger, cheaper model that comes in different colors. The iPhone accounts for about two-thirds of Apple’s $260 billion annual revenue


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