DESCRIPTION A place to find things to do not far from home


BOTTOM LINE Good start for planning a day's outing

For those times when you need to unplug but can't go far, offers suggestions for day and weekend trips up to 120 miles from many U.S. locations.

The guide reads like a gentle nudge, with activities you would like to add to your to-do list, not a guilt trip of events you think you must do. There's seemingly something for everyone, whether you like museums and parks (Rye Playland, anyone?), food and wine (Patchogue Farmers Market) or sports and hobbies (you get the idea). And if you are on the road already, you can find things to do and places to go. We found a beach campground on Lake Michigan while searching for day trips from Chicago. We would not have thought about going caving in the summer if we hadn't seen it as a travel tip, found in the site's right sidebar.

But some activities have descriptions, and others do not. Naturally, the items with descriptions are more inviting. The site was started in 2009 by a pair of moms with a passion for the countryside and rural outings. Expect where they started, Virginia, and the mid-Atlantic region to be strongest; the site just opened up to nationwide destinations.

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