SITE, plus free apps for iTunes, Android and Windows

SITE, plus free apps for iTunes, Android and Windows Credit:

All your food. One place. That's how Spoonacular describes itself, and it's hard to disagree. The website strives to "find and organize the restaurants, products, and recipes that fit your diet and can help you reach your nutrition goals."

Once you register, click on the chef icon and then go to Settings, where you can select the diet you prefer, indicate food intolerances and what ingredients to exclude when searching for recipes. You also can create recipe boxes and meal plans. Upload original recipes or search the site for ones to add to your recipe box. Try Spoonacular's Firefox add-on, which places a recipe card on your toolbar. Anytime you spot a recipe on another website that you'd like to keep, click the file card and it'll be added to your Spoonacular account. The site uses widgets to illustrate all recipes, which show what the ingredients look like, how much the dish costs per ingredient and serving, how long it takes to prepare and its nutritional breakdown. You'll also find health, price, cooking and green tips with each recipe.

Check out Academy, where you can learn basic cooking or about diets, cuisines, utensils, measurements, ingredients and other subjects. The only thing we couldn't locate was information on dining out, although it is mentioned in the site's mission statement. But with everything you can find here, you'll probably spend all your time eating in.

SITE, plus free apps for iTunes, Android and Windows

DESCRIPTION A place to store your recipes and plan your meals.

TARGET AUDIENCE Novice to experienced cooks.

BOTTOM LINE What's cookingk Stop here and find out.

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