Uniqlo will open its second Long Island store Aug. 29,...

Uniqlo will open its second Long Island store Aug. 29, 2014, at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City, the second Long Island store for the Japanese fashion retailer. The first opened this past year at Smith Haven Mall, where this shot was taken on Nov. 1, 2013. Credit: Steve Pfost

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo will open its second Long Island store Aug. 29 at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City as the "fast fashion" chain expands.

The first Uniqlo on Long Island opened in November at Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove. Uniqlo USA CEO Larry Meyer said in an interview last year that the company was considering Roosevelt Field for its second Long Island location. Both malls are owned by Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group Inc.

"The concept has been really well-received by our shoppers at Smith Haven since they opened, and we're thrilled about Uniqlo opening a second location at Roosevelt Field," said Jenny Harris, a regional vice president of marketing at Simon.

Uniqlo, part of Fast Retailing Co., is considered a fast-fashion retailer because it quickly brings affordable designs for women, men and children from the runway into stores. The company is also known for developing specialty fabrics, such as its Ultra Light Down jackets and Heattech clothing.

The Roosevelt Field Uniqlo will be among seven of the company's new stores opening on the East Coast and in northern California in the late summer and fall. In addition, Uniqlo is planning on expanding into new markets in Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles this year, according to a news release from the company. There are currently eight locations in New York State and 20 in the country.

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