John R. Peeler, chief executive of the Plainview-based electronics company Veeco Instruments Inc., in recent months has sold more than 250,000 shares of company stock, according to Securities and Exchange Commission reports.

After the most recent sales Peeler still retains 74 percent of his total equity and options, the company told the SEC. In his most recent such transaction, posted April 14, he sold 41,666 shares of company stock at $47.98, on options bought at $20.74, Veeco said in an SEC filing.

Most of his other sales were also made involving stock options bought at $20.74. These included 25,000 shares sold at $45.95 on April 5; 50,000 shares sold at $42.11 and 25,000 at $43.95, both on March 23; and 25,000 shares sold at $38.97 on March 11.

He also sold 33,333 shares at $33 per share on Dec. 22, on options bought at $17.48; and 25,000 shares at $31 per share on Dec. 8, on options also bought at $17.48.

Peeler, who did not comment immediately on the sales, also had outright sales of 37,630 shares on Feb. 18 at $37.17; and 22,370 shares the same day at $37.76.

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