Traffic on the LIE

Traffic on the LIE Credit: Newsday

Women pay an average of 9.5 percent less for car insurance in New York State, according to an insurance price comparison firm, partly because they’re more law-abiding behind the wheel.

InsWeb Corp. of Sacramento, Ca., says the median cost to insure a female driver’s car is $1,013 in this state, versus $1,119 for a male.

The difference is about the same nationally — 9 percent.

One reason: women don’t get as many tickets as men for moving violations and don’t get arrested as often for drunk driving, says InsWeb.

But other factors have nothing to do with driving behavior. Women tend to have cheaper cars insured in their names — something perhaps related to the disparity between what men's and women's incomes.

Women also are less likely to be listed as a primary driver on a policy with multiple drivers and/or multiple vehicles, said Insweb — policies that tend to be more expensive than ones for women only because they are likely to include male drivers.

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