OT threshold for NYS farmworkers lowered to 40 hours per week

The state labor commissioner accepted a recommendation that the threshold for time-and-a-half pay be gradually lowered from the current 60 hours per week. 

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CPI Aero: Stock to return to NYSE American

The stock was delisted in May for not filing timely statements with the SEC.

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Musk offers to end legal fight, pay $44B to buy Twitter

The mercurial Tesla CEO made the offer in a letter to Twitter, which the company disclosed in a filing Tuesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Northwell gun-safety ad urges awareness about unlocked firearms

Northwell CEO Michael Dowling said, "we're trying to make it comfortable for people to ask the question about guns."

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Death is anything but a dying business as private equity cashes in

Private equity-backed firms are buying funeral homes, attracted by high profit margins and the growth they see coming as 73 million baby boomers age. 

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