The Walter P. Chrysler Museum’s putting some old junk up for sale on RM’s Classic Car Auction of Michigan. You know, real historic old junk.

One of those cars happens to be the first Renault Alliance ever produced, built in Kenosha, Wisconsin on June 21, 1982. Own a piece of history with just 21 miles on the odometer.

I have many fond memories of my wife’s Alliance. It was the family Alliance and it was the car that she learned to drive stick. It was tan with a tan interior. It had a tan soul.
 I got to ride in it a few times, then it broke down.

The Alliance wasn’t a bad car. It was just a good car that had a lot of mechanical problems and broke down a lot and couldn’t go up hills.

Also in the group is an ’85 Lancer. My brother-in-law had an ’86 and the most distinguishable thing I remember of it is the dashboard light didn’t work.

My favorite of the group has to be the 1973 Satellite sedan. My Uncle John had one, although it was in a more tasteful pea-vomit green inside and out. I still remember that swoopy three-spoke plastic steering wheel and the feel of the rippled bench seat.

Check out some of the other cars:

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