U.S. flags are shown outside of General Motors world headquarters...

U.S. flags are shown outside of General Motors world headquarters in a Detroit (April 18, 2006). Credit: AP Photo

General Motors headquarters is accustomed to pumping out automotive designs. But according to car blog Jalopnik, one design came home on Sunday - a sixth generation Monte Carlo burst through a set of revolving doors "like a rock" at GM's Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

The facade suffered a broken door and some smashed glass panels, but the incident began with a slight tap on the glass. Those on scene reported that the driver of the Monte Carlo, a 26 year-old man, bumped one of the building's glass panels while trying to make a u-turn in the Renaissance Center's circular driveway. The panel cracked, and GM security asked the driver to wait for Detroit cops to arrive and file a police report.

However, the driver's temper boiled while authorities were en route - a witness claimed that the driver told GM security that he "may as well drive right through [the building]" if he was going to be arrested anyway.

Police arrived soon after and took the driver into custody. GM has yet to issue a statement about the incident, but work crews did repair the damaged portions before the afternoon ended.

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